Saturday, July 30, 2005

Photo Friday theme: SOMBER
Title : Prelude to a Meal

Many levels to it

-Autumn leaves - a Somber thought indeed (I live in Canada!). I just took this photo today - Fall is around the corner :(
-Spiderweb - symbolic of despair
-Dead fly - well, pretty obvious.

*Click on the photo tp enlarge - it looks sharper and more detailed.*

Illustration Friday : AGING

In this AGE obsessed society, VANITY is the new trendy God. In my opinion, lines on a face are more flattering than the inability to show espression! It is sad.

My 1 year old helped me with the wash and my 3 year old MIXED up a green and actually painted the bottle & needle HERSELF ! .... no worries, I finished it up when they were in bed!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

HONEST - NO help!

We were painting this afternoon. I went to put Alia down for a nap. When I returned this is what I saw. I asked her what she named her picture & she said "LAVA MOON". Keep in mind that Sara just turned 3 !!!

Our Illustration Friday "art days" are paying off! (a theme is offered each week for creative imput without judging - just for fun. Check it out. There are some incredible talents out there.)

... then there is THIS sky photo. I took this last week from the front of my house. We get the most amazing colours in the sky here - too bad there wasn't a wonderful big body of water to reflect it!
The canola fields are so vivid in contrast to the menacing sky. And yes, it DID rain!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Photo Friday : ONE

ONE very large mud puddle
jumped on
ONE very muddy little girl !


A weekend worth of Prairie celebrations left Sara very muddy!

I brought the girls to Round Hill to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Alberta. On Sunday we ventured to the Heritage Centre near Leduc to watch her Grandfather show his vintage John Deers. I am such a city girl - I love being outside but only when it's warm - & it was so windy both days. I think I'll stay in town this week!

(..... we had a wonderful time at both events! Great family!)

Friday, July 22, 2005


No matter how hectic of a day it's been, seeing one of our beautiful sunsets makes me feel calm and peaceful.

I live in a mature neighbourhood with lots of trees - wonderful black sillouettes against a firey background! Many a' photo has been taken!

It's those EYES ! Even when she misbehaves (as a 3 year old MUST do!) those expressive eyes real you in and you just have to smile!

I love this photo because it shows her mischeivious nature - that subtle smirk, dimple, and large puppy eyes. I find her very attractive - we'll be in trouble when she grows older!

*** UPDATE ***
This photo received a "Noteworthy" on Photo Friday for the theme "Attractive". I am thrilled!
(posted on my Flikr acct.)

(PhotoFriday is a website that posts a challenge each week. Photographers from around the world submit their interpretations and vote for the top 5 - a "Noteworthy". There were 605 participants for this challenge.)

Monday, July 18, 2005

- KARMA - what comes around goes around. Basically, people need to be kinder and less selfish. Others gravitate towards positive things and people. Happy people make others feel good about themselves. On the other hand, negativity brings people down and although one might attain power and money, they ultimately are alone and unhappy..... or so it should be!